Listen to the AudioLeo Cashman and I went into depth on the hazards of modern dentistry. Leo is editor of “Dental Truth,” an informative and factual newsletter.

He has spent years assembling the best of current advice on what to do. I was an 80’s pioneer on mercury and dental advice. There is also a whole chapter on these hazards in my book Medicine Beyond. Frankly, you can’t get more up to date than this teleseminar!!

This teleseminar is jam-packed with facts. Some of it will literally astonish you. We covered:

  • Periodontal disease as a risk for heart attack
  • The dangers of crowns and bridges
  • Mercury poisoning
  • Galvanic reactions
  • Cavitational jaw bone disease (including trigemminal neuralgia)
  • Root canal fillings
  • Teeth as energetic disease transmitters
  • Acupuncture meridians influenced by teeth they cross
  • Teeth as a cancer risk

Listen now to the dental hazards teleseminar:

You can get the CD and listen to it in full detail (telephone audio quality). Click here to order the Hazards of Dentistry now.