Electric Potatoes More Nutritious?

Couldn’t resist this little snippet!

Apparently, if you zap sweet potatoes with an electric current can boost levels of antioxidants by as much as 60%, according a new study. The days of electrical nutrition have arrived!

Actually, it makes sense: if you stress the vegetables, they release more antioxidants to protect themselves.

It reminds me of the old (wicked) Chinese belief that if you torture the pig before eating it, the flesh tastes better.

Add that to Cleve Backster’s discovery that plants know what’s going on and you’ll see what I mean.

I don’t think I can bring myself to deliberately “hurt” sweet potatoes, just to enrich them nutritionally*. Nevertheless, the science is there…

Researchers bathed the sweet potatoes in salty water and then passed various currents through the water and spuds for five minutes. The team had previously tried the experiment on white potatoes with similar results.

Sweet potatoes have high levels of polyphenols — even before they get zapped. Antioxidants such as polyphenols are thought to help mop up damaging free radicals, which we all know have been linked to cancer and other diseases.

This simple process doesn’t change the taste either.

Even microwaving could do this trick, though I doubt that suddenly makes them healthy or good for us.

Eat more sweet potatoes by:

  • Roasting, grilling, or baking them for different flavors (add butter and cinnamon before serving!)
  • Adding them to hash instead of white potatoes
  • Using them sliced as a base for a poached egg
  • Baking sweet potato pie
  • Sweet potato pudding: equal parts shredded sweet potato and soya milk. Bake or boil for an hour, till mushy, and add honey or maple to taste!)

[SOURCE: presented at the American Chemical Society National Meeting and Exposition, Philadelphia, Aug. 19-23, 2012]

* Maybe if you spoke harshly to them for several minutes, eh?

Check out my friend Denie Hiestend’s book “Electrical Nutrition”:




  1. Why are you recommending soy milk in these recipes? Surely you must know that soy milk is high in aluminium, genetically modified, and stuffs up our hormones. DUUUHHHH

  2. I love sweet potatoes and eat them very often.This is very interesting, and I’ll try it by microwaving them tonight .

  3. Surely Susan didn’t deserve such a reprimand. We have all heard of the dangers of soy. And almond milk is delicious…so we are not limited.

    • I deprecate people who are rude and insolent and know more than experts with decade of experience.
      Better not breathe air Ann, these half-assed “experts” (with no clinical experience) know it’s unhealthy for us.

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