Vaccination Does Work. Let’s Talk About Polio

Despite the continuous storm of ignorant criticisms, the vaccination principle does work. I got cholera when I went to Sri Lanka to help after the 2006 Indian Ocean tsunami. Protection only lasts 6 months but I wish I had taken a shot before I went (remember the heavy arm from that?) Pasadena was in uproar when I got back and went to hospital; they hadn’t seen a case in nearly a hundred years!

Smallpox is virtually wiped from the Earth. That’s due to vaccination, not better hygiene and better nutrition, as is conveniently claimed. There is no better hygiene or nutrition in Somalia!

Polio is 99% down from when I was a kid. Ignorant critics of vaccination (and they are usually ignorant and not medically trained) need to wise up to the stupid “anti-vaccination” attitude. It’s only the same as the homeopathic principle: a small dose of something bad can prepare the body, so it’s rapidly on the case when a real encounter comes along.

Of course some vaccines don’t work and some are toxic, due the chemical crap they put into them. But that’s a far cry from saying vaccines are bad and no-one should ever get a shot against anything. And does not justify forced vaccination in any civilized country.

Like I said, polio is all but wiped out. When I was a kid several fellows at my school had been paralyzed and were struggling around with calipers on their ankles. You just don’t see that any more. However, there is a catch to this story…

Remember me saying, over and over, “Nature will find a way”? I usually cite the movie Jurassic Park: the way the dinosaurs struggled free of the limitation of lysine deficiency, which was supposed to stop them multiplying naturally. Resistant bacteria is just another example of how life adapts.

Now this same ingenuity is rearing its head with the polio vaccine. After sixty years of successful worldwide vaccination for polio, there is almost none left “in the wild”. Now the strain we encounter is the milder “vaccination version” and it is present in a small percentage of carriers. There is also a slight risk of vaccine-associated paralytic poliomyelitis (VAPP). Consequently, the use of routine oral (live) vaccination for polio is not now practiced. An inactivate form is used instead. As a result, we are harboring a population of kids who may be susceptible to the living virus and it could start causing polio once again.

It’s a real concern and is complicated by the fact that there are three strains of polio virus, 1, 2 and 3. Most of the “take” with the vaccine is the type 2 but, unfortunately, this is the one likely to start causing disease again. To counter this, the head of polio eradication as the WHO is asking for approval to vaccinate with only 1 and 3. This will stop pouring type 2 into the environment.

But it will mean we are vulnerable to a resurgence of type 2, if that should happen.

It just goes to show, we can NEVER relax our guard. Nature is much cleverer than us!


  1. But Dr. Keith – What about your diatribe against Bill Gates, who was attempting to introduce healing vaccines into desperate third world countries? You made it sound like you were one of the kooks who is trying to ban vaccination…

    • Whatever the merits of vaccination, or none, I will not accept it being forced on people “for the common good”.
      Gates arrogant program is flawed in its humanity, never mind the science.

  2. glad to see this article . I feel uncomfortable with the total ban on vaccines. If one knows one’s intolerances could one get info about vaccine contents?
    What about vit C IV as per Levy’s writings ?? Couldnt this be the immediate remedy- or high oral C on hand.
    Rereading Dietwise, (first, looking for refce on crime and violence , to pass on to a passionate man working in the community to perhaps get some understanding and funding for studies) , wondered about mistaking food intolerance for flu. When i have the beginning of a sore throat and suspect flu, 4g of vitC repeated 2hrs later (Dr Sydney Smith, Brisbane, ) has never produced diarhoea , and symptome vanish.. Your writing made me wonder. I assume that no immunity can be built up that way??
    So pleased to see your attributions to the earlier famous in DW

  3. Hey doc, you’re no better than Big Pharma who lie and put that chemical crap in the vaccines in the first place. First of all where’s you data to support all the name calling? Personally, I consider science based medicine as evidence but a name calling ignorant like you? Nah, I’m better off reading Merck’s Vaccine Today. You’re a quack like the rest of your Big Pharma pals in whose pocket book I’m sure we can find your name for receiving all sorts of payoffs. Please do us all the favor and go vaccinate yourself.

  4. Vaccination may have its merits in some cases against few life threatening diseases. I am afraid it has very little if no similarities with the homoeopathic principle though. Homoeopathy offeres a better protection agains infectious diseases.

    • You’re wrong Olga.
      It’s EXACTLY the homeopathic principle, using nosodes.
      You are arguing with a practicing clinical homeopath and member of an advisory board.

  5. I enjoy and agree with most of what you have to say but I find your stand on vaccination disturbing. There is very good science to demonstrate that vaccination has done more damage than good if any. Of course your opinion is just that, opinion not science. This link will give you a number of instances of vaccine failure. It is not a complete list. It would be nice if you could list research that supports vaccination that wasn’t done by or for big pharma.

    • I’m not doing your research for you Jack.
      But you need to do a LOT. You seem to have little but prejudice.
      Look up smallpox, polio, rabies, yellow fever and cholera, for a start.

  6. All the vaccene success stories you refer to are old. The problem is that new vaccenes are forced onto the public, with dubious ingredients, and questionable effectiveness!
    Vaccenes for mild disease, that the body is better off dealing with by itself.

    I am not a homeopath, but as I understand it, generally the ‘active’ ingredient in homeopathic remedies is so diluted that it often cannot be detected. (and therefore harmless) The content of the virus in a vaccene is significant enough to often result in symptoms of the disease.

    • You are confusing the science of vaccination with the politics of vaccination.
      The “old” successes you talk about are saving lives every day. Every child born is no longer at risk for smallpox.
      That’s millions of lives saved, and still being saved, even though the last smallpox vaccination was given in the 1970s.

  7. Hi Dr. Keith – As a homeopath, I am anti-vaccination – I see what it does to children. Yes, the it works in theory, but in practice it’s actually a disaster. Lots of people damaged in very subtle ways by vaccines, and – as you’ve pointed out yourself – the immunity doesn’t last, so in a few years time, you run the risk of getting the illness anyway. That’s why young men are now getting mumps – and it’s far more dangerous when you are in your 20s and 30s than when you are a child.
    Nothing works as well as nature, and once you start to mess around with something as intricate as our immune system, you are in trouble. In my opinion, vaccines are contributing to the relentless increase in auto-immune disease that we are seeing in Western civilisation.
    So I can’t go along with your viewpoint, I’m afraid.

  8. Hi Doc,…
    I appreciate and enjoy your stuff,…I really do.
    I took only small issue with the vaccination article. Most things that are good for us, in general, are not good for us in high doses. I do have a problem with the many vaccinations that our “Infants & Toddlers,” get these days. (Whoa?!?)
    Too many toxins,…too much by-product,…being forced through their basic protective layer,…and forcing a “reaction,”…all too often as, “Inflammation,…of the Brain?!?”

    I was thinking to myself,…”Homeopathy!” Then you mentioned it too, but you compared it as similar to traditional vaccinations(?!?),…because it uses a “small dose??” WTF?!? Homeopathy uses, “No Dose at All,”…that’s why they’re completely safe,…and Non-Toxic..

    I was hoping you might expand on “How to Vaccinate Homeo-Pathically,”…instead of by injection.

    I have an Autistic son,…so I want to believe,…but why use injections of any toxicity when we can immunize with Homeopathy?!?

    And,…what about the brain inflammation of autism (previous article),…being quashed with DMSO?? As you know DMSO crosses the blood-brain-barrier and instantly reduces brain inflammation and swelling? HBOT, too (Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy), etc. I believe using DMSO & HBOT,…for children following vaccination or any complications from it or from a difficult-baby-delivery, can benefit greatly from those two, “Inflammation Extinguishers”.

    Best regards,


    • Make sure you go to Isaac Golden’s work, Robert.
      I can’t help you out from here (traveling in Europe)
      but you should find him in Google (Australian guy)

  9. Hi Doc,
    Dr. Kenner allegedly cured Poliomyelitis with Vitamin C (if I recall right, I got that info from you). What is your take on this?

  10. Prof, I do like reading what you have to say. It’s a different perspective that picks out the little good from what usually is spoken of to be all bad. I’m beginning to appreciate it. Thanks.

  11. Just so you know, the user-friendly vaccine schedule on the right-side panel by Dr. Donald Miller was revised in a BIG WAY a year ago. From Dr. Miller’s recent comments on his website: “I am increasingly coming to think as Dr Sherri Tenpenny shows so well, that the risks of va cc ines outweigh their benefits and that it is best to avoid all vac cines (except perhaps sm all p ox vac cine in the event of a te rr or ist att4ck with that vi rus).” Oh well, that was a brief trip for me to a different side on this issue, lol.

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