Broken Hearts Mended Easily

Everyone gets over a broken heart, sooner or later, they say. Well, it’s also literally true. Heart cells, it has been discovered, can replicate themselves and re-grow. The old model of a myocardial infarction (the classic “heart attack”) is just bunk.

Like all the many scientific myths of medicine and so-called science, this old story has bitten the dust. All doctors “knew” that when the heart was damaged, that was it: caput! You’d never regrow good, vigorous heart muscle.

It’s just not true. It’s just not science!

Dr Mauro Giacca of the International Centre For Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology in Trieste, Italy has led a team showing that, with the right stimulus, heart cells divide and multiply. That’s good news.

It’s also the measure of medical stupidity. As doctors and scientists base their practice on the fact that Nature is useless, she can’t fix things, when anything goes wrong, it needs clever doctors with clever drugs to patch up they patient, to keep them alive for a few years. Silly Bitch Nature didn’t know what to do; but we doctors did!

Well, those of you have been on my list for many years will know I always argue that Nature can fix anything. And she does! Mostly, I think, with modern medicine, it’s a question of doctors getting in the way and blocking natural healing, with their stupid, inept strategies, based on phoney science.

Maybe that’s why, whenever doctors go on strike, the death rate plummets! Did you know that?

In 1976 in Bogota, Columbia, there was a fifty-two-day period in which doctors disappeared altogether except for emergency care. The “National Catholic Reporter” described “a string of unusual side effects” from the strike. The death rate went down 35%.

There was an 18% drop in the death rate in 1976 when doctors went on a strike in Los Angeles County. After the strike, the death rate returned to pre-strike levels.

In 1973 it happened in Israel. The death rate dropped by 50% during the month doctors were on strike.

(From pg. 114 of Confessions of A Medical Heretic by Robert S. Mendelsohn, M.D.)

Maybe doctors are among the worst pathogens (well, not me, of course!)


  1. I agree but only partially. Chronic care medicine is in terrible shape but critical care on the other hand does some remarkable things in situations that seem hopeless. I am definitely not a fan of allopathic medicine in many cases but there are good people doing amazing things in Western medicine.

  2. When will we ever get it through our thick heads that we are to work WITH and SUPPORT Mother Nature, not work against her. That includes health, agriculture, technology, space exploration etc. What a different world it would be if we would do just that alone. Watch the animals and the plants. They know how to live in harmony with nature. It is only man who screws up everything.

  3. i am of the opinion that western medicine do a great job in critical & emergency care, but poorly in area of chronic diseases. It is not proactive enough in preventive strategies,but too reactive in treating symptoms in chronic illness.

    • Emergency care in the U.S. is also way overrated. If you walk into most emergency rooms, you will have a long wait, unless you are triaged at the top of the list with an M.I, (heart attack), stroke, or active bleed, from a wound, due to some type of trauma. Otherwise, a lot of emergency care involves getting an injection with an antibiotic, or some other drug as treatment for a spider bite or snake bite, or ant bite, etc. I personally use essential oils that are more powerful than antibiotics in killing off infection (no side effects of funagl infection, rash, upset stomach, diarrhea, etc.); the oils are without the horrific side effects of drugs. They are far more effective at erasing pain, improving circulation, lowering blood pressure, normalizing blood sugar, speeding up wound healing….and so much more. One of the main reasons why is because the oils come from plants. Doctors ignore plants. They are taught that plants don’t work for healing. They are programmed to believe that only drugs work. Essential oils do a far better job at bringing the body into homeostasis than drugs do because drugs bring the body OUT of homeostasis, hence all their rotten side effects. You can get rid of any infection, whether its a UTI, or pneumonia, or wound infection, with MRSA, with therapeutic grade essential oils. Wounds can heal much faster with oils, and other plants like comfrey and aloe..than they can with useless, way over priced drugs. So to say that the emergency rooms in the U.S. are second to none is not altogether true. The more you learn about the drug system, the more you realize that it is totally inferior to what the author is saying in this article. Mother Nature as given to us by our Creator God is far superior to pharmaceuticals. I have worked in the medical system for years and i have emergency room experience as well. The oils perform vastly better than drugs in all kinds of situations. Drugs can’t heal any diseases….they can temporarily alleviate symptoms…and often times, the symptoms that drugs relieve, were caused by drugs in the first place! A good example is CHF or congestive heart failure. IV lasix is the treatment of choice for that. Most of the time, the CHF was caused by blood pressure pills!
      Doctors are pseudo authorities. More people are becoming knowledgable about their health and how to take care of it, thanks to the internet, where you can now learn about anything you want to learn about. This is why the medi-naziis who control most of our politicians are scrambling to get control of the internet so they can control all of the news there too. They already have their hundreds of pharmaceutical front sites but there is still a lot of freedom left on the internet where you can find health truth, and health gold. You just have to look for it, and be open to the truth when you find it. Don’t put y0ur trust in all doctors…However more of them are coming out of the dark side of pharmaceutical propaganda, and teaching good information-like the good doctor here…and it should at least get us to step outside the box or think outside the medical/pharmaceutical program.

  4. Ah but can an 87 year old heart repair the 20 year old radiation damage (diagnosed 18 months ago)?? Drugs improve the BNP reading but so many side effects. Difficult to eat rotation diet- not enough choices- and frequently get pain due to not managing food right! The nutrient advice by Willix lets me avoid side effects but without drugs, BNP is a shock -sometimes into the highest level.

  5. I enjoy reading your emails , but some of them are pretty scary ! I imagine if I bought everything you sell, I would be poor, and scared ! You get very excited about what you are writing about, that is good !I rarely go to a Doctor, and I am rarely sick. I just try to eat right as I can, take homeopathic medicene if I start to think I may be trying to get sick, and work my butt off at a warehouse orderpicking ! Seems to be working for me ! I cannot imagine doing a sitdown job !!( :

  6. Hello Dr. Keith.

    If you would have cared to take me up on the suggestion to study Germanische Heilkunde (Germanic Healing Arts and Knowledge – formerly called Germanic New Medicine), you would have found, that not only can the heart rebuild, but when one suffers a biological conflict, where the psyche (that is our true Self!) perceives an inadequacy of the heart (muscle) = lack of capacity to supply sufficient oxygen to all the body’s cells, the special program we are all born with, will take away muscle tissue – the heart becomes weaker and when the biological conflict gets resolved, the formerly necrotic muscle will be rebuilt, but this time it will be stronger than before.
    The so called myocardial infarction is real.
    The other type of heart attack happens during the healing phase of a territorial conflict of a right handed viable male or a right handed menopausal female ( the latter because the estrogen level dropped and the testosterone level stayed the same – in effect turning the female hormonally into a male). This, by the way is mother Natures way of preventing a viable female from suffering this kind of heart attack in order not to take the mother away from her offspring.
    And, by the way, pathogenic viruses have never been proven to exist!

    • Somewhat arrogant Harald,
      and w-a-y off center if you think I didn’t already know what you are talking about – in fact these last 40 years.
      You forget my role as a teacher. Because I introduce innovative studies, do not be conceited by the thought that I am new to the knowledge, or you know more than me, without checking first.
      I have also been familiar with Hamer and German New Medicine a while longer than you, I will imagine.

  7. Dear Dr Scott-Mumby,
    I have recently read the book “AIDS, Opium, Diamonds, and Empire” by Nancy Turner Banks, M.D. It made a lot of sense.
    Forgive me if you have previously addressed this subject, but what is your take on the HIV/AIDS hypothesis???

  8. Proper food, exercise, staying happy almost all the time and faith in God help heal my breast cancer. I keep on searching about natural healing, read about your articles, that of Dr. Mercola. Doctors scared me, if i relied with doctors, i might be dead now.

  9. I absolutely agree with what Dr Keith states. We as physicians are taught about disease only and therefore become disease therapists. As an Integrative physician, we must allow out natural healing systems to heal. That is where diet, mind-body medicine and supplementation can improve the healing process. Even in radiation induced heart injury as a recent blogger stated, Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy can improve cellular function. The number one cause of death in this country remains the American medical system.

  10. Dear Prof,
    I would be much interested to hear your opinion about Dr. Hamer’s hypotheses. I am not too familiar about it, however have been astounded about the claims which are made, adherents and violent opponents gained (if that is a gain). I am not a medical professional but somewhat touched by science and the desire to learn.
    I am also opposed to the many absolutes which are put forth by many ‘professionals’ about cancer and other maladies, and the Hamer’s theory appears as one of these absolutes to me. Even though I cannot discount in my mind ‘absolutely’ that there are possibilities.
    Your thoughts would be much appreciated.

  11. I agree that the body does heal “naturally”; however, the credit is due to the Creator of our bodies, God, not “Nature” – “Nature” is not a person who can create our amazingly intricate and complex bodies and heal them! Read the infallible Word of God, The Bible, to meet Our Awesome Creator. Then, perhaps you will give credit to whom credit is due. Oh, and a side note: God also created “Nature”:)

    • I have approved this Jill, because I want everyone to have a voice. But you need to be moderate and understand over half the world does not believe a nonsensical book like The Bible
      (I’m one of them). As for the difference between God and Nature – that’s nonsense too.

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