Autism, The Misery and Uncertainty Continues

Those who have been my subscribers any length of time know where I stand on the mercury-autism link. There isn’t one!

Now a new study has shown yet again that exposure to thimerosal-containing vaccines in infancy or in the womb is not associated with an increased risk for developing autism.

Of course mere facts and good science don’t worry the Internet “experts”, who ramble on about conspiracies to hide the truth, as if every scientist and doctor in the world was a corrupted puppet of Big Pharma.

They have their prejudice and are not going to let mere evidence sway them from their rigid views.

The fact is, as I have said often, kids get autism who have never had any vaccinations, never mind whether with mercury or not.

Moreover there is the problem of explaining why boys have a far higher incidence of autism than girls. That suggests genes are at least partly involved. Mercury should not selectively attack one gender or the other.

This latest study should put the mercury theory to bed once and for all (provided Joe Mercola and writer’s like him get a grip on the evidence). It showed that children who developed autism spectrum disorder (ASD) actually had less exposure to vaccines with mercury than children who developed normally.

Researchers even looked into the possibility of damage caused by vaccines given to the children’s mothers while they were pregnant and still found no connection. Thimerosal was removed from most vaccines given to infants and children soon after the study participants were born. The one exception is most flu vaccines, which still contain the preservative.

The ASD controversy rages still and we are not really any nearer understanding this awful impediment.

Dr Andrew Wakefield’s study showing autism was associated with “rogue” measles virus loose in the gut of autistic kids is the only study to date which has shown any connection between vaccination and autism. The only one, ya hear? [Gawsh, I’ve lived in the US so many years now I’m starting to sound American!)

Of course they trashed Dr Wakefield with an unprecedented “witch hunt” style personal vendetta against him. But I think he might have had something: I know kids who have not been vaccinated but developed autism. They had a vaccinated sibling with autism and so may have “caught” autism, which would fit with the rogue virus model.

Meantime, cases of autism continue to rise throughout the world. The CDC now estimates that as many as one in 110 children in the U.S. develop autism, though in other countries the actual incidence is hotly debated, never mind whether it is rising or not.

Let me finish by repeating the hard-to-swallow truth: that children with the greatest mercury exposures had slightly lower rates of autism than those who received fewer mercury-containing vaccines or none at all.

This was a very nicely designed and carried out study that should be the end of the discussion. Anyone still touting the mercury story is stuck to yesterday’s science.

[Freed, G. et al. Pediatrics, March 1, 2010, Parental Vaccine Safety Concerns 2009.]


  1. You have many readers who need to know about the treatments for Autism presented in Karon DeFelice’s book “Enzymes for Autism” and Dr. Nambudripad’s “NAET for Treatment of Allergy Caused Autism”. We are having success with both of these therapies. Help get the word out. There is a lot of unneeded suffering.

  2. You defense of Mercury and Autism is interesting. It is obvious from your statements that you Doctors don’t have a good diagnosis for Autisms. or a good reliable defination for Autism. If nutrition helps. If rouge viruses are involved. Yet vaccinations do have contaminate viruses, bacteria, and or Microplasmas in them. (But vaccinations aren’t the problem) What the heck would you expect using eggs, kidneys from other animals to prepare the vaccines? You know that other animals do get sick from viruses, bacteria, Microplasma, fungi, slow viroids, Prions and etc. You think that they could go to humans?? You feed a dog salmon and it gets a nematode (that loses its readly identifiable morphology) and gets sick and maybe dies. What about the materials injected vs the same materials eaten?

    • Not sure what you mean by “you doctors” Thomas.
      I’ve been treating autism with natural methods since the early 1980s. It responds very well to the food allergy approach, as I said in my book “Diet Wise”.
      Moreover I’ve been associating it with MMR vaccine since 1986 and said so on TV and radio. But it isn’t caused by mercury, that’s for sure.

  3. Dr. Keith…I was about to send your information to a friend whose son has autism as this is something I have studied and followed for years now as I was sickened by the mercury in my mouth (15 amalgams), but stopped when I saw you are promoting full body scans for people. What could you possibly be thinking? Are you promoting that people get their entire body radiated with a CT scan?? I believe we are being bombarded with chemical pollutants that are off the chart and I think this a foolish and dangerous recommendation. I have many of the same symptoms as these children with autism have….candida, leaky gut, food allergy, cognitive problems, etc. It has taken me years to get where I am today which is not entirely well using entirely holistic and natural means… I would not think of exposing myself to any radiation, chemotherapy or any of Big Pharmas ploys to get us to buy into their “garbage” ideas and pharmaceuticals. I hate to throw the baby out with bath water, but in this case I think I will. Of course vaccines are not good for anyone…they are filled with toxic adjuvants including aluminum and the flu vaccine still has mercury in it. Are you advocating that parents should vaccinate knowing all the “garbage” they are pumping into an infant?? If so, I am really disappointed in your research and your recommendations. I for one will not be sticking my arm out…let me know how it goes when one of your vaccinated family members gets Guillian Barre.
    All the best to you!

    Monica Valentine

    • Another example of the stupidity and dogma I have to deal with [see comment by Bill Stanton]. Why don’t people read what I write?
      I report on a fascinating and important study that shows mercury cannot be the cause of autism (the kids with the MOST mercury in this study had the least incidence of autism).
      Now this woman, using some version of our language I have never encountered before, says I am advocating vaccinations!!!!?????
      This is despite the fact I have over 100 pages on my website concerning the potential dangers of vaccination for kids.
      Moreover I was one of the first doctors in the world who spotted the connection between MMR and autism: I was writing and broadcasting about it over a quarter of a century ago.
      The remarks about scans are misinformed and typical of a lay person who has exalted themselves to the status of expert without first doing any meaningful study or learning.
      Whereas a typical CAT scan gives a dose which has been claimed to reach as high as 700 chest x-rays (I published this information myself to my subscribers), ULTRA-FAST electron beam tomography scans (EBT) is only a tiny fraction of the dose.
      During the course of EBT, the patient is exposed to radiation approximately equal to that received in an abdominal x-ray. Robert G. Gould, Professor in the Department of Radiology at the University of California San Francisco has concluded:
      “In summary, an Ultrafast CT scan for detection of coronary artery calcium is a safe procedure. It exposes a limited portion of the body to a small amount of radiation. No hazardous effect of x-rays has ever been demonstrated at the dose levels that result from this procedure.”
      The procedure to which I referred in Serendipity 66 is being offered by a holistic medical facility, which does not use drugs but only natural methods.
      But why am I wasting my time answering readers who are know-alls, ignorant, prejudiced and rude?

  4. Bill Stanton,Naturalmed,Inc,dba,Bill Stanton's Health,a private practice,natural and energetic medicine,utilizing the state-of-the-art in advanced natural and energetic medicines and QXCI electrodiagnostics/electrotherapies

    You state that pollutants can trigger the expression of latent genes that will then express disease,etc. (essentially common knowledge),INCLUDING AUTISM.
    Is MERCURY a pollutant?
    If yes, then why cannot MERCURY (exposure) trigger the expression of “autism genes” in specifically genetically “poor detoxifiers”?
    Furthermore,allopathy -and pediatric allopathy – functions on the basis of “allopathic poisoning” of children,and assumes that all childrens’ detox systems are created equal,and then,when an ADR occurs in a “poor detoxifier”, they DENY that what happenned; happened.
    NO,I fully disagree with you – and “Pediatrics” – that mercury in vaccines does not cause autism, and that this recent “Pediatrics” study – just what we all expect from “the fox guarding the hen house” – is the FINAL WORD. Please! Are you going to inject thimerisol into a child, my good doctor? Without first assessing the child’s genetic capacity (sp. phase 2 hepatic isozyme profile); and current antioxidant status driving current detox capacity? And if you do and the child does have an excellent detox capacity; then are you going to inject that child with thimerisol? because, if you are, then you are still 1) playing “Russian Roulette” with the child’s life and 2) you DENY WHAT YOU ARE ALREADY PREACHING: THAT POLLUTANTS CAN TRIGGER THE EXPRESSION OF DISEASE GENES.
    Given how 1) brilliant you are; and 2) severely disagreeable you are with the American medical establishment; why are you now “cow-towing” to this “Pediatrics” study as “the last word” on mercury?
    Come on,man,YOU KNOW BETTER THAN THIS !!!!!!

    • I wonder why this man is on my list? He doesn’t seem to read a word I’ve written.
      I’ve approved the comment as a first class example of the bigotry, ignorance and stupidity that people can come to with their “theories” about scientific conspiracy! [If you’ve started with this comment, please read the article to which Bill is referring].
      The science shows UNEQUIVOCALLY that kids with more mercury than the rest had LESS autism. In what conceivable sense does that show mercury is an environmental trigger? Since boys are 4 times more likely to get autism than girls, there is no known mechanism by which mercury could be the agent.
      Autism is going UP at the same time that mercury in vaccines is being virtually abandoned.
      I get sick and tired of wasting my time answering “comments” which are prejudice and nothing more.
      Anyone who is interested in the truth to help kids, instead of banging the drum on nonsense, should take my article very much to heart. We really learned a lot from this important study [Bill thinks every practicing doctor and scientist is a crook and a toady in the service of the drug industry].

  5. Whenever I read or hear the comment “a new study” two questions always come to mind. Who did the study? but more important WHO PAID FOR THE STUDY? Most times those with vested interests in the product of the study PAY for the study EXPECTING to get a FAVORABLE response to the study. In my mind this always creates doubts about the study validity if the comment “a new study” is used without referencing WHO PAID FOR THE STUDY? Dr. Keith may not believe there is a connection between mercury-autism and thimersol containing vaccines autism link then please explain why there is such a large jump in the number of children (1 in 110 in the US) who have developed autism especially when anecdotal comments from parents of children who have developed autism claim their children were normal before but changed after getting their child their “shots.” One thing is very certain in my mind. It is an outside element ( i.e. mercury, floride, clorine,) or any other preservative used in the North American diet that has led to an epidemic of Autism in our western society.

    • The same old boring “it must be fake science” rigged and paid for by Big Pharma.
      You guys are arrogant and disputative of good, honest scientists. Slanderous even.
      You don’t seem to get it that your position of dogma, head in the sand, refusal to look at anything which does not fit your prejudice is unscientific; it’s DISHONEST. Lay people are WORSE than scientists in the art of dogma.
      If I knew why there was a large jump I would tell you, as I tell all my readers.
      We don’t know, as I said. One thing for sure though:
      WE’LL NEVER KNOW IF YOU REFUSE TO RELEASE YOUR FIXED OPINIONS AND TRY INSTEAD SIFT THROUGH TO THE REAL FACTS.Science that knows the4 answers in defiance of what was found on testing is not science. Period.
      Fact: mercury isn’t the problem. Proven over and over…
      Fact: vaccination comes up over and over but that’s not proof.
      Fact: less mercury means MORE autism.
      Fact: nobody else (no other country) has the same incidence of autism as the rest of the world.
      Fact: boys get it 4 times more than girls. That doesn’t really fit with vaccinations, mercury or any other environmental trigger.
      Get your brain in gear Gary and USE IT. Don’t waste it by saying “This doesn’t prove what I choose to believe so it must be fake”.
      You’re better than that, surely?

  6. Can you provide a citation for the new study you are talking about? The reference you give at the end of the post does not seem to be correct. First of all the article “Parental Vaccine Safety Concerns 2009” appeared in April 2010, not in March; and second, neither thimerosal nor mercury is mentioned anywhere in it. So I suspect you mean a different article–please tell us which one it is so we can read it for ourselves.

    • another child who’s oarents rufseed vaccines lost their child to measles yes measles there are many things vaccines prevent that are now coming back FULL FORCE because parents are going anti vaccines. There was an out break of whooping cough last year in my daughters school bc more then half of the kids were never vaccinated. Here I was on the phone crying bc my 2 week old baby girl could have been exposed to this. She is ok and we do vaccinate there is talk about doctors are refusing patients bc their arents don’t vaccinate I agree with this yes the child should have care so maybe a dr should open a office in a different building for kids like this but to ut our infants who yet can not be vaccinated in danger is not ok. More parents are going “natural” bc of things like autism ( which has since been proven that no it is not linked to autism can find this in pediatric publishing of medicine.) but what is on the rise jumping 210% since 1975 is rubella and polio… Yea polio something parents our age never had to witness and thought was dead… Nope ite nback full force. For ever child diagnosed with autism 3 Are with either measles or polio in north America. In Africa alone every child that has autism there are 250 with polio. I’ll take the risks. By the way my son has aspergers and I would 110% still chose vaccinations but that is just me 🙂 Sorry for the long comment lol…Thanks for coming over to

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