eczema and psoriasis Q and A

As a dermatologist, I would like your thoughts on such common conditions such as psoriasis and eczema. Thanks.

Michael P. Tabibian (Michael)

Hi Michael,

Eczema responds very commonly to the allergy approach. Usually foods. But I’ve even seen house dust do it. Needs a systematic approach though, and often the substances with the strongest type I reactions (RAST, prick and scratch tests) are not the ones actually CAUSING the trouble.

Psoriasis – I found about 50% responded well, as above. The rest didn’t. Then I discovered raw flaxseed oil. Works wonders!

Thanks, Keith

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  1. Can you provide specific suggestions for how the raw flaxseed oil works for Psoriasis? My mother suffers from this and I would love for her to get some relief.

    All my best,

  2. Hello!

    Is it possible that acne persisting to adulthood (26 yrs.) is a form of allergy? As a baby my daughter was allergic to cow’s milk in a form of eczema . When cow’s milk was taken away from her diet, her eczema cured. Now she avoids milk but is struggling with cystic acne since puberty.

    With best regards,

    • I often found acne cured by the food allergy approach.
      Unfortunately, today, it’s much more complicated because of xenoestrogens in the environment.

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